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About Us

Putting the "Care" into Health Care

How good your health is depends on how good your health care is.

Not all doctors are alike and neither are all pharmacies. Large, national chains now dominate the pharmacy business, but many people prefer the personal treatment they can get when an independent, community pharmacy handles their medical needs.

Just as the best doctors get to know their patients, the best pharmacies get to know their customers.


Charles Pharmacy is dedicated to providing our customers with the ultimate in quality care and positive customer experiences focused on personalized attention. We pledge to always carry out our duties with time, cost and efficacy as guiding principles.

Who We Are

  • Independently owned and operated
  • Community oriented
  • Experienced professionals (12+ years)
  • Effective health advocates
  • Competent & thorough
  • Prompt & courteous
  • Personal & caring
  • Cost conscious
  • Bilingual (Hablamos Español)

Why Choose Us

The well being of our customers is our primary focus. At Charles Pharmacy we take pride in the personal relationships we establish with our customers – relationships that enable us to provide the highest quality of care.

We work as an integral member of a medical team than typically includes other medical professionals, community social support networks and family members, offering comprehensive pharmacy services to ensure the best health outcomes for our customers

We get to know our customers and their needs. We also act as advocates on their behalf, working with other members of the medical team, educating them about the benefits and disadvantages of various courses of action, and assisting in the overall management of their care. Our customers become members of the Charles Pharmacy family.

Staff Bio

Debbie Charles, PharmD

Debbie Charles, PharmD - (Pharmacy Manager)

Working with her local, neighborhood pharmacist at an early age, Debbie Charles recognized even then how important a good pharmacist is to a patient's health and was inspired to become a pharmacist herself.

After receiving her bachelor's degree in marketing, she earned a Doctor of Pharmacy degree in 2003 from the Massachusetts College of Pharmacy. She started her professional career as a pharmacist for a major pharmacy chain and quickly worked her way up to the position of Pharmacy Manager.

Given the opportunity to realize her life-long dream of providing highly personalized care to her patients, Dr. Charles opened Charles Pharmacy in her local, West Palm Beach community and is thrilled to be making a difference in the lives of her customers.


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